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Rabu, 31 Agustus 2011

Android Games; PES 2011

This article is about PES 2011 Android Phone QVGA. PES 2011 HD is a game that works perfectly Galaxy Mini (This is someone already there to make the QVGA version). This game has a good 3D and easy to handle, this game is going to my mini-galaxy, was found not to play this game. but, like other games, this game is a vampire battery.

There are three types of control modes:
  • Accelerometer - One Touch
  • Virtual Joystick - One Touch
  • Virtual Joystick - Buttons
Any control available, I prefer Virtual Joystick - Buttons. Control is more comfortable for me, but you are free to choose the control. I think the fact that you use to play this game.

Installation PES 2011 QVGA

PES 2011

The installation of this game is very easy, there are two different data APK data and packet data. There are two simple steps to install this game
  1. First install the APK file
  2. copy data to / sdcard / Android / data. nowyou can be run in the game
Run the game and the game continues. enjoy

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